REO Network® Success Stories

"For me, it's a no brainer. My increased exposure on pays off."
- Brian Brockman, Bang Realty, Inc

A standard member of since 2006, Brian upgraded to the Premium Partner Plan in 2011.

"I've received direct assignments from banks that don't use asset management companies because I'm a Premium Partner. In some cases, there are other agents on who are closer to their properties. But I'm getting the call first because my profile is first! Just in the last six months, I completed BPOs from five different companies and listings from two banks. For me, it's a no brainer. My increased exposure on pays off."

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"REONetwork really delivers"
- Zena Dakroub, Realty Executives Classic

Zena has been a Premium Partner on since 2010. Zena has had three to four new companies find her on which has resulted in 75 REO listings. She’s also obtained four new BPO clients which has resulted in over 100 BPO’s.

“Since I started doing REO’s in 2007, I have tried so many companies that promise many things and really delivers. is the best by far and everything else has been a waste of money.”

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" delivers results."
- Michele Karl, Priority Real Estate

"Since signing up for as a new member and Premium Partner in January 2010, I've brought on two new clients. One is a national bank that continues to list properties with me. They are, by far, one of my best clients! delivers results. I'm listed on other sites, and can't say the same holds true."

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"An asset manager called me recently. His opening line of conversation, 'Hi, I found you on REO Network.' Now that's a great return on investment!"

Renata Cetera joined REO Network at the end of 2009, and since becoming a Premium Partner in the spring of 2010 has received 19 new listings and established eight new "solid contacts." The very next morning after Renata signed up for the Premium Partner plan, she received requests from two different valuation companies. She's since made up her initial Premium Partner investment cost through BPOs alone.

"No other site compares to the exposure I've received through REO Network! Not only is this site the most recognized site by asset managers and valuation companies, but each call or email I receive verifies they're using it! I am most satisfied with the results and with the reliable contacts I've made being a Premium Partner. This is a successful tool that continues to help my business grow!"

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"Since joining REO Network, my business has been contacted by 7 new companies and has received 6 new listings."
- Pamela Rusin, America's Best Realty, Inc.

Pamela Rusin joined REO Network at the beginning of 2009 and upgraded to the Premium Partner Plan just one month later. Once she became a Premium Partner, she received "no less than five times more (business) calls."

"Since joining REO Network as a Premium Partner, my business has been contacted by seven new companies and has received six new listings," said Rusin. "These contacts are GOLD."

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"There are no comparisons to It's the best."
- Bob Shelton, Shelton Properties

Bob Shelton has been a member of REO Network since it was founded in 1999. He upgraded to the Premium Partner Plan in 2003 and experienced a 300 percent increase in his business. According to Shelton, since becoming a Premium Partner more than six years ago, he's picked up at least 30 clients and 500 listings.

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"I continue to advertise with because I actually receive business from my Premium Partner Membership."
- Alan Stalter, Elite REO Services

Since 2009, Alan has been a member of Only after six months, Alan upgraded to the Premium Membership, and he hasn't looked back.

"Within my first six months as a Premium Partner, at least three companies contacted me. The website it easy to use, which is a huge benefit to myself and my asset managers. At the end of the day, I remain a member of's Premium Partner program because it works. said they would drive business to me, and they've kept that promise."

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" provides an advantage to its brokers because it includes all the data asset managers need to select the best agent for the assignment."
- Ranae L. Stewart, Exit Realty N.F.I.

Ranae Stewart joined REO Network in October 2008 and immediately upgraded to a Premium Partner. According to Ranae, she immediately saw an increase in business calls by more than 50 percent and new companies are contacting her every week with new REO business.

" provides an advantage to brokers because it includes all the data asset managers need to select the best agent for the assignment," said Stewart. "The tracking feature for the proximity of the agent to the property is priceless!"

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