About the Premium Partners

Premium Partners are experienced REO brokers and agents who have partnered with REO Network® to show their commitment and focus on REO. They are dedicated to giving you the best possible service in the REO Industry.

What Is It?

As a Premium Partner, your profile is highlighted at the top of all searches in your service area. In addition, your office address is mapped relative to the subject property's location.

By clicking on your location pin on the map, asset managers can view your profile details and contact information. The result? More listings!

What Does It Cost?

It costs $600 for six months (insignificant, when considering the additional revenue you can earn). As an added convenience, you can sign up for six months, one year, or two years at a time.

How Do I Join?

Click here and login to your broker account, then click "Premium Partners." You can pay with your credit card and be enrolled instantly!

New users click here. Once approved, you will be able to upgrade to the Premium Partner Plan.

Premium Partner Plan Nets Listings!

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